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BISAs recognise leading initiatives

British International Schools magazine is thrilled to recognise all the winners of the 2018 British International School Awards who were honoured at the awards ceremony in London on 22nd January 2018. Senior leaders from many international schools located around the world attended the event which took place at London’s Grand Connaught Rooms. 

The awards, hosted by BIS and ISC Research, highlighted some exceptional initiatives spearheaded by British international schools and educators that are helping to strengthen Britain’s education brand globally. Nominations included schools from 38 different countries.

“We were very excited by the range of so many innovative projects that, in most cases, were very different to each other,” said Andrew Maiden, Editor of British International Schools.  “It is clear that the pupils across these schools are being served by the very best in education today. The success of the first year’s event has inspired this year’s entrants to go that bit further.”

Announcing the British International School of the Year 2018

British International School of the Year 2018 was awarded to The British School, New Delhi, India. Pictures above: (top), Schools Director Vanita Uppal OBE heads for the stage to receive the trophy; (bottom) Melisha Trotman, primary principal at The British School, New Delhi, Emma Goodwin from headline sponsor WCBS, Vanita Uppal OBE and Prof Jeff Thompson CBE, chair of the judging panel.

Expanding from 250 to 1,200 students, the school is accredited and recognised by 15 reputable education organisations, achieving exceptional results at IGCSE and IB Diploma, and is considered to be one of the best British schools in the world as well as one of the best schools in India. 

Its digital citizenship outreach project, which supports student safeguarding, and involves both students and parents, has been independently accredited by the Common Sense Education Accreditation Team which described the school’s dedication to teaching young people how to be safe, responsible digital citizens as inspirational. 

School Director, Ms Vanita Uppal OBE received her award from Ms Emma Goodwin, CEO of WCBS, a leading supplier of information management for international and independent schools, and the major sponsor of the awards.

The value of sponsoring the BISAs
“We are thrilled to support the recognition of exceptional initiatives that individual schools are making around the world,” said Emma Goodwin of WCBS. “International schools, large and small, frequently amaze us with their innovative and rigorous educational approaches and commitment to sustained best practice. It often takes platforms like the British International School Awards to raise the profile of these initiatives to a level that all schools can be inspired by, and learn and benefit from. We applaud all the schools that have received nominations and awards, and we applaud British International Schools magazine and ISC Research for enabling such schools to be recognised and celebrated,” she said

The British education brand overseas
British schools, teaching and learning approaches, curricula, qualifications and educational resources are increasingly in demand by schools and parents around the world. ISC Research data indicates that British oriented schools overseas now number 4,187. The awards reflect the incredibly high standards of many British international schools which are helping to strengthen Britain’s education brand globally.

Thanks to judges and sponsors
BIS magazine would like to thank the judges for their commitment to identifying the very best in international school initiatives and would also like to thank all the sponsors that supported the 2018 awards and enabled so many outstanding schools and their initiatives to be recognised. Sponsors were: WCBS, ISC Research, Pearson, Macmillan Education, Follett, Impero, Explore Learning, Fieldwork Education, Educators International, Edvectus, COBIS, BridgeU and ManageBac.

British International School Award Winners 2018:

British International School of the Year 2018
The British School, New Delhi, India (award received by Director, Vanita Uppal OBE)

The British School, New Delhi’s school roll has increased from around 250 to 1,200 students, in all-new buildings with state-of-the-art facilities. And yet, at the same time, IGCSE and IB results have been some of the best the school’s pupils have ever achieved. 

Sir James Bevan, High Commissioner of the UK to India, 2011-2015, says: “The British School, New Delhi [is not only] one of the best schools in India, but one of the best British schools in the world.”

The school has been accredited by both the CIS since 2000 and IB since 2004. It also has membership of a further 13 organisations, some of which require an inspection/accreditation prior to being accepted into the organisation, eg EARCOS, ECIS and Round Square.

Outstanding Individual Contribution to International Education
Ed Goodwin OBE, Principal, St Christopher’s School, Bahrain

Ed has led St Christopher's School for 23 years and has shown enormous drive and commitment to raising standards to offer an outstanding education to over 2,300 students between the ages of 3 to 18. St Christopher's is now the number one choice school in Bahrain for both local and expat families. The school is also recognised as one of the world’s top British schools overseas. He has chaired BSME for 12 years and was a founder of the BSO inspections.

Outstanding Strategic Initiative
Jerudong International School, Brunei (award received by Director of Sports, Chris McGeorge)

For its student-led Outdoor Discovery Centre which was reclaimed from shrubland. Teachers and students use the area for many subject areas, covering a wide range of skills. After-school activities take place twice a week to meet student demand, particularly those looking for CAS and leadership opportunities.

Outstanding Community Initiative
Harrow International School Bangkok, Thailand (award received by Headmaster, Michael Farley)

For its training for 300 teachers at refugee camps on the Thai/Myanmar border. 140,000 refugees live in camps along the Thai/Myanmar border. They have woefully limited educational provision. Since 2010, Harrow Bangkok has worked with Mobile Education Partnerships, a UK charity, to offer Cambridge examinations, educational support and community initiatives to these camps.

Outstanding Pastoral Care Initiative
Nadeen School, Bahrain (award received by Director of Educational Affairs, Pauline Puri)

For its holistic approach to engage disaffected students and accelerate learning. Some pupils arriving at the school had been disaffected by their experience at schools elsewhere. The approach included creating gardens, caring for animals and introduction to the arts. It has also had a positive impact on staff who are more empathetic, creative, and intuitive.

Outstanding Initiative to support Student Safeguarding
The British School, New Delhi, India (award received by Director, Vanita Uppal OBE)

For its digital citizenship outreach project for pupils and parents. Technology and PSHE curricula now have planned digital citizenship modules that build upon the work students completed in previous years. Students lead sessions to support peers and foster a community spirit where everyone looks out for each other. It has been independently accredited by the Common Sense Education Accreditation Team: "Your school's dedication to teaching young people how to be safe, responsible digital citizens inspires us."

Outstanding Initiative leading to Creativity in Learning
British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park, United States (award received by Principal, Edward Pearce)

For its personalised learning project in the creative STEAM curriculum. The school already knew that science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) played an invaluable part in helping its students to develop academic, social and personal success. The school’s STEAM corridor features two science labs, an art studio, a robotics workshop, a design technology lab, and a maker space where students are encouraged to move from room to room throughout the week, learning from our highly trained staff and gathering the materials as well as inspiration to bring the DIY activities to life. 

Outstanding Teaching Initiative
Dulwich College Seoul, South Korea (award received by Maths teachers, Neil Gorton and Chris Bonnet)

For its project to embed long-term learning in maths. Through observations and planning reviews in maths, the school noted that, across primary year groups, much curriculum time was spent re-teaching the same or similar material year on year. Through the work of Robert Bjork at UCLA on how Interleaving and Spacing (IL/SP) can aid recall and improve memory storage strength, the school changed to this approach: five lessons studied over five weeks, with one day assigned per week to each topic. Data has shown a positive effect on the majority of students, with the largest positive effect being on middle ability students.

Outstanding Digital Technology Initiative
British School Jakarta, Indonesia (award received by Interim Principal, Shane Nathan)

For its successful Digital Citizenship project across the whole school. The impact its commitment to technology isn’t only felt in the academic areas of the school. All learners, especially students, learn through technology while using their devices in personal, non-academic, and social activities. The school felt it is was critical to include non-academic technology learning to everyone in the school community to address this need. 

International Impact award
Silver Oaks Schools & College, Pakistan (award received by CEO, Hassan Sattar)

For its global collaboration with schools to show we have more in common than separates us. The school took part in a collaborative partnership between The Citizens Archives of Pakistan and Routes to Roots India which was designed to connect students to share a year-long exchange of grandparent stories, cards and letters to get to know each other before undertaking an exchange visit that concluded the programme. The continuing animosity of these two nations of 1.5 billion people made it a significant challenge, but it convinced parents that children should not be guided by a bitter history and should celebrate their similarities.

Outstanding Senior Leadership Team of the Year
Dover Court International School Singapore, Singapore (award received by Principal, Christopher Short)

For its change management across the school. It has involved the transformation of its facilities (it has built and redesigned a range of new classrooms, developed for the needs of its different learners across the school), new approaches to teaching and learning (now at the core of its CPD within school), and the development of opportunities outside the classroom for its students (residential trips that have a strong service element as part of them, ensuring that students start to take on responsibility at an early age).