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The categories

Evidence of effectiveness, sustainability and success is required:

Outstanding Strategic Initiative
In this category we are looking for a strategic project which can demonstrate excellence under the following headings:

The project has made a demonstrably positive impact on students, staff and/or the school community.

The project has had, or is projected to have, long term impact. 

The project is, or is set up to be, sustainable.

The project is innovative within its context.

The project is demonstrably linked to the strategic direction of the school.


Outstanding Senior Leadership Team of the Year
This award recognises senior leaders who have collectively shown inspirational leadership of a school. Any initiative(s) must demonstrate:

The background and objective.



Mission supportive.

Enhanced student outcomes.


Outstanding Governing Body of the Year
In this category we are looking for a Governing Body which presents evidence of excellence and unusual or outstanding quality in any one of the following areas:

Board Organisation: its strategic focus and sustained business processes.

Board Communication: with its various constituencies or communities.

Quality Assurance: innovative and comprehensive processes for governing a school´s quality.

Project Supervision: guiding, supervising and actively supporting a major project.

Challenges: dealing with a major challenge of difficulty.


Outstanding Community Initiative
This award recognises initiatives that involve pupils working with external groups such as parents, a charity, another school or the local community. A benefit to all parties must be demonstrated:

Involvement of students in owning and operating the project.

Extent of impact on the external community.

The extent of international understanding and awareness.

The degree that the project goes beyond that which is required by the school curricula.

The sustainability of the project. 


Outstanding Pastoral Care Initiative 
This award recognises an initiative that supports pupil wellbeing:

Identifies and addresses the specific needs of the students and the school.

Demonstrates a positive impact on student wellbeing.

Demonstrates a positive impact on teaching and learning.

Is designed to be sustainable.

Supports the mission of the school. 


Outstanding Initiative to support Student Safeguarding
In this category, we are looking for:

An initiative which ensures a sustainable level of safeguarding to UK standards within a culturally challenging environment.

It designs and implements an innovative school safeguarding or security programme or system which avoids developing an over restrictive environment or ‘fortress mentality’.

Results in a positive impact on student learning due to the safeguarding or security improvement.

Through the safeguarding initiative demonstrates to the school community the values of a British International education.

Brings into focus an example of safeguarding or security ‘good practice’ which might inspire other British international schools. 


Outstanding Initiative leading to Creativity in Learning
In this category we are looking for an initiative that demonstrates creative innovation and assists effective student learning. It needs to be:

Be clearly creative and innovative.

Encourage lateral thinking for a specific purpose.

Make a positive impact on student, staff or community learning.

Go beyond what the school would be doing as an effective British International school.

Demonstrate student commitment and be a sustainable process in effective learning (not a one-off).


Outstanding Teaching Initiative 
This award recognises either a subject or whole-school initiative that has supported teaching and learning in the school to the benefit of the pupils:

Originality and creativity. 

Evidence of impact on pupils’ attitudes and/or attainment.

Sustainability of the initiative for the future.

Potential for embedding of initiative throughout the school.

Potential impact beyond the school. 


Outstanding Digital Technology Initiative
Successful digital projects must have some genuine impact on a school. Other schools might look to adopt (and adapt) such initiatives. Judges will look for projects that are:

Demonstrably successful.

Genuinely innovative.

Broadly scalable.

Reasonably affordable.

Widely shareable.


International Impact award
This recognises how an English education in an overseas setting has made a positive impact in its locality:

Emphasis on impact – evidence needed that a particular initiative, or set of initiatives, has made a difference beyond the context of the school itself.

Evidence needed of impact in the international context: either locally (outside the UK) or on a global scale.

The initiative(s) in question need(s) to go beyond what the school would be doing anyway as an effective British international school. 

The initiative(s) in question should demonstrate evidence of sustainability. 

The impact has been independently acknowledged external to the school. 


Outstanding Individual Contribution to International Education
This is for a leader of the school community who has shown a commitment to and achievement in the sector over many years:

Extended continuous service in promoting British education.

Sustained involvement in the impact of the work on schools as institutions.

Sustained involvement in the impact of the work on students/teachers.

Achievement recognised within the school community in tangible ways.

Achievement acknowledged/celebrated external to the school community. 


British International School of the Year 2018
This award will go to one of the winners of the other categories that particularly impressed the judges and that demonstrated a commitment to pupils' education and/or school improvement.